Simple Crochet Washcloth

Happy Friday!

I am excited to share this washcloth pattern with you!

I’ve made so many over the years and love to give them away as gifts. They are fun to make and match for all the different holidays too.

(I see you Valentine’s Day! ❤️)

There is something about cotton yarn that I just love working with it. In addition to the washcloths, I have made soap sacks, face cloths and dish scrubs (I will share those patterns soon).

But, the washcloth seems to be the star of the show so let’s get to creating!


“I love this Cotton” in Ivory (or any size 4 – Medium weight cotton yarn)

A size J crochet hook (or whatever size you feel comfortable with)

Darning Needle


CH (Chain) 29.

Row 1:  HDC (Half Double Crochet) into 3rd CH from hook.  HDC across.  (28 HDC)

Row 2 – 20:  Ch 1.  HDC across.  (28 HDC)

Row 21:  Ch 1.  SS (Slip Stitch) into each stitch across.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

The last row will simply provide a neat border to your washcloth.

Now go make 10 more and enjoy all your washcloths! 🙂

Side note: I recommend washing the dark cloths before you use them because the colors may bleed.  If not, you’ll take a shower with a red one and think you’re going look sunburn for days.  The good news is the dark colors don’t stain, but make for a sure way to have a mild panic attack in the shower. 😂

Here are some other fun ones I’ve made in the past with different patterns:

Happy Hooks!

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