Meet Brandy


We are continuing in our “Meet the Legacy Blanket Team” blog series.

Today I get to introduce you to my sister, Brandy!! 🙂

On family vacation a few years ago we had a “crochet class” and ever since Brandy has made so many gifts for survivors. She’s been part of this journey with me from the beginning and I can’t tell you what it means to fight trafficking alongside your sister! ❤️

She has also been helping connect us with organizations in and around Washington DC so we can donate Legacy Blankets to kids in that area as well.

Here are a few fun facts about Brandy so you can get to know her a little better:

Where are you located?

I’m in Virginia, outside of DC.

When and how did you learn to crochet?

My Nana taught me how to crochet when I was around 9 and then Amanda retaught me a few years ago!

What do you enjoy crocheting the most?

I enjoy being able to create something that doesn’t require too much attention (since it can be done while binge watching TV. 😂)

What is your favorite yarn to use when crocheting?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite brand of yarn, but I love yarn with a variation of color. It’s nice to have a little variety!

If you could visit any where in the world, where would you go?

I am going to Cuba for my birthday tomorrow!

Isn’t this fun, getting to know a little more about our team and seeing who they are!?!

Stay tuned for more “Meet the Team” posts soon!

***If you are interested in being a Legacy Blanket Creator and want more information, please Contact us.

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