The Healthcare Heroes Shawl

As some of our cities begin to open back up and our lives begin to slowly return to “normal”, my biggest prayer is that we don’t forget the lessons learned, the community we built apart and those who risked their lives every single day to save ours.

Today’s pattern release is by far the most important one yet and will probably remain one of my favorites for a long time to come. Healthcare workers set aside their own wants and needs during such an unstable time in our world to ensure we were all protected. They didn’t hesitate to give up time with their spouses and children to care for their sick neighbors. Some even flew across the country to help in areas that were hit the hardest.

This pattern is more than just a bunch of squares assembled together into a shawl. This pattern represents so many of us staying home so together we could help our Healthcare Heroes do they work they needed to do to protect all of us.

The words “Thank you” don’t seem like enough.

My prayer for this shawl is that crocheters will create these for their own local Healthcare Heroes and remind them of how thankful we are for their sacrifice. And, keep them warm as the work long hours, because we all know hospitals can be a bit cold!

For those who have learned to crochet during your time at home or those wanting to learn now, this is a great beginner pattern. It is made using simple, solid color granny squares in red and white. The design is created in the way you lay out your squares.

Let’s get started!


(2) Caron Simply Soft yarn – Harvest Red

(3) Caron Simply Soft yarn – White

(170 g / 6 oz, 288 meters / 315 yards each)

Size J (6 mm) Crochet Hook

Tapestry Needle


Shawl Size:

Approximately 18” x 72”

Each of the videos below will show you how to create your squares, connect your squares and how to add a border.


All the squares you create for this blanket will be 6 inches and use the same pattern.

You will be creating a total of:

(12) Harvest Red Legacy Squares

(24) White Legacy Squares

How to create your squares:

(Insert video)

How to connect your squares:

Once you have made all 36 squares, you will lay them out to create a pattern that looks just like this:

How to connect your squares:

(insert video)

Once all of your squares have been connected, take time to weave in any remaining ends you have left.

To create your border:

For my shawl, I used the same cluster stitch on my border as I used for the squares, but I would encourage you to get creative with your border!

Finish off and weave in remaining ends.

When you finish your shawl, we would love for you to share it with us! Tag us in your photos on social media using the hashtag #HealthcareHeroesShawl.

Stay healthy, friends!

**You are more than welcome to make and sell items from my patterns, but please make sure to link back to my page. Please don’t copy and paste this pattern and claim it as your own. You may share photos of your finished items, but please do not share photos from my patterns and claim them as your own**

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