The Charlotte Shawl

Say hello to The Charlotte Shawl.

I am excited to share with you about my collaboration with KT and the Squid. It’s been so much fun designing this shawl using her gorgeous yarn.  In the past I was not one to use purple in my designs, but her yarn has definitely changed my mind!

The colors I used in this shawl are Gully, Molly and Lisa.

This shawl is crocheted using simple stitches, so it will be perfect for the beginner crocheter. And a great project to do while relaxing on the couch or by the pool. 😉

I encourage you to visit her page and snag a copy of the pattern (and a few others while you’re there!) and some of her beautiful yarn.

And don’t forget to tag us on social media.  We would love to see your shawls!!

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